#BettyBoy and #AcidTude COMPETITION

Are you a #TeamAcid HOTTIE or have the biggest ACIDTUDE?! I’m hosting a contest for the Hottest #BettyBoy AND the Best #AcidTude!! The TWO winners get shout outs on social media, $50 CASH + AcidSwag + a personal call/Skype from yours truly! Here’s how to compete ::
1) Upload a photo or video of you looking sexy OR serving the fiercest AcidTude wearing ANY Acid Betty t-shirt/tank top (available at www.AcidBetty.com).  Eye rolls are extra points!!
2) Use hashtag #BettyBoy OR #AcidTude when you post. If on IG tag @acidbetty. If on Facebook tag my Acid Betty page.
3) You can apply for both contests, #BettyBoy or #AcidTude. Tag appropriately.
4) On April 26 I’ll post my favorite entries, and the two winners will be announced May 3.
Bring on the SEXY, the FIERCENESS, and Don’t Fuck it Up!!