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Introducing the Nails on Acid Collection by UnicornsPoopGlitter.com

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Nail designs inspired by and created exclusively for the legendary, Acid Betty.

Now you can have nails just like Acid Betty with the exclusive Nails on Acid Collection!  Designed to be super long, super dramatic, and super unique, just like Acid Betty.

Whatever you might call them – fake nails, false nails, press on nails – Nails by UnicornsPoopGlitter.com give you an instant manicure, can be quickly popped on for an event and just as quickly popped off for work, and they are reusable!  I use materials only of the very best quality and do my best to offer a little something different than what you might have seen elsewhere. Always unique, always on trend, and always the center of attention (Just like Acid Betty).  

Each nail is hand crafted and hand painted to order, which means you’re getting unique one-of-a-kind pieces of art every time.  The photos represent what can be done and should be treated as suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to let me know how you want your nails custom designed and I’ll create something just for you.  

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns, and remember – Anyone can have beautiful hands and feminine fingers – Just add nails!  Nails on ACID! 

Custom Nail Design

Who are you? My name is Vie.  I am an editorial nail technician (licensed) and artist.  I initially created over-the-top designs on my own nails and now I work as a freelance editorial nail artist creating acrylic, gel, and sculpted nails, as well as custom false nail sets for events, photo shoots, runway shows, etc.  Since my designs are so popular, I thought I should offer them online to whoever was interested. I personally file, paint, and embellish each nail and they are all made to order.  Those are even my hands in the photos.  (Ooh la la!) I’m interested in a custom order. Contact me at vie@unicornspoopglitter.com and lets make something fabulous! Can I return merchandise? Sorry, no returns are accepted at the moment. How is your merchandise shipped? We use USPS First Class and Priority 2-day. I didn’t receive an order confirmation or shipping confirmation. What should I do? Contact me at vie@unicornspoopglitter.com. How do I change my account information? You may change your account information by logging into your online account, and then you can edit your current information by clicking the edit link next to the portion of information that you would like to change.

How do I measure my nails? Click here.

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