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The Donor Circle for the Haus of Acid

The Donor Circle for the Haus of Acid has a simple mission: To support the Haus of Acid in its artistic projects so that it can innovate new ways to expose diverse communities to a variety of artistic expression and mediums.

The Donor Circle for the Haus of Acid is open to all donors. The Donor Circle invites you to participate by adding to our pool of community dollars through your generous donation, or even better, by joining the Circle!

Membership in the Haus of Acid Donors Circle for the Arts offers:

  • VIP exclusive invitations to all Haus of Acid events and projects
  • Listing as a participating donor and supporter
  • Increased philanthropic impact by pooling resources with other donors
  • An opportunity to celebrate your passion for the arts and meet others who share this commitment
  • Participation in the selection of Haus of Acid’s future product lines and events

Name of Your Listing

Please input how you would like your donation to be listed if different then your first and last name provided at checkout. This will be how your donation is displayed on brochures, video credits and website listings.

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