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The LOOKS! – Every Three Seconds Book


Oversized 12 x 12 inch book

12 FULL COLOR PAGES of Acid Betty’s Every Three Seconds Project.

  • Includes a large 24 x 12 inch print of the Stoned Trilogy.

With a personal foreword from Acid’s sister. Less than 100 remaining.

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The Monarch Print


8×10 inch Print

#13 The Monarch (Butterfly) Acid Betty by the Haus of Acid

Open Edition


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Acid Stoned Series (ALL 3) – Episodes One, Two and Three

$49.99 $40.00

Three 8×10 inch LIMITED EDITION Prints

Edition of 50
Signed and Numbered by Acid Betty

PLUS a FREE RU-Dollar!  Celebrating 100th episode and 100th queen.  Acid Betty’s challenge, The Money Ball.

Supplies limited.

First come, first served.
Get one now before some other bitch does.
Only 50 prints produced!


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18×24″ Poster


In celebration of being a part of the 100th episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race, I’m releasing this special print!!!

18×24 inch Poster

Acid Betty by theHaus of Acid

Open Edition


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Acid compilation from Every 3 Seconds Project


8×10 inch Print

Compilation of Acid Betty’s by the Haus of Acid

Open Edition

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