The Acid Store. Limited and Exclusive SHIT!!! | Acid Betty :: New York City's Fiercest Drag Bitch

Limited Edition of ONLY 100 Produced.  Each card is individually numbered. Includes 2 oversized very large hard enamel pins:

  • SILVER Classic "Acid Trip is All Real"
  • GOLD Glow-in-the-dark Alien
  • THREE 1.5 inch diamond shaped #NeOnMe Series buttons

$20.00 $15.00

3.5 Inch Mirror. On the back brushed metal finish with Acid Horns.

$2,200.00 $1,500.00

FIRST FEW sold at SALE PRICE! These are handmade and designed to order! Consisting synthetic faux leather fabric and gorgeous satin lining. One jumbo large zipper closure. Choose your custom color or order the original design (original color pictured is number 1) Pictured:

  • 48" circumference closed at bottom
  • Acid Betty pictured wearing jacket is between 6' - 6' 2" tall without shoes. Wearing Med-Large shirts on average.
  • Jacket completely closed is 48" tall.
  • Require special measurements?  Let us know in the notes of your order or email us!

$1,200.00 $900.00

FIRST FEW sold at SALE PRICE! These are handmade and designed to order! Consisting of two synthetic faux leather fabrics and optional clear fringe (as pictured). Gorgeous satin lining. Velcro closures with 2 inch steel rings. Choose your custom mix of colors or order the original design (original colors pictured are #2 for the main color and #1 for the sleeve/accent crystal color). Pictured:

  • 23" Neck
  • 26" Sleeve length
  • 46" closed waistband
  • People pictured wearing bomber jacket are between 6' - 6' 2" tall. Wearing Med-Large shirts on average.
  • Require special measurements?  Let us know in the notes of your order or email us!


EXCLUSIVE T-Shirt - Glows in the dark!

Glow in the Dark Logo on Right Sleeve Detail
  • SM-3X ONLY large and X-large available now..  :S
  • Charcoal Heather: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester
  • Heavy Weight Fabric (6.0 oz)
GET YOURS TODAY!  First come, first served.

$100.00 $65.00

Original hand drawn and sketched makeup idea, design and plan for #NeonMe #4. Hand Drawn, signed and only this one exists. COMES WITH :: 

  • 2017 Looks Book
  • Crystal AB Crystalipz.  Unused, fully packaged, limited edition, Acid Betty AB Crystalipz (same brand used in image)

$100.00 $50.00

Original hand drawn and sketched makeup idea, design and plan for #NeonMe #3. Hand Drawn, signed and only this one exists. COMES WITH 2017 LOOKS BOOK!

$300.00 $200.00

Synthetic Wig Designed and Hand Styled by Acid Betty.

$300.00 $200.00

Handmade by Acid Betty.  Was originally an accessory for the "Dragon Dress", but later decided not to wear it.  So it's NEVER BEEN WORN! Hand dip dyed for coloring and handmade from start to finish.





6 x 6 inch book

  • All new Acid Betty Looks from 2017
  • Poetry and stories of highlighted characters by Vielette
  • Exclusive portraits of Bob TheDragQueen, KimChi, Laila McQueen & Thorgy Thor!


Oversized 12 x 12 inch book

12 FULL COLOR PAGES of Acid Betty's Every Three Seconds Project.
  • Includes a large 24 x 12 inch print of the Stoned Trilogy.
With a personal foreword from Acid's sister. Less than 100 remaining.


8x10 inch Print

#13 The Monarch (Butterfly) Acid Betty by the Haus of Acid

Open Edition  

$49.99 $40.00

Three 8x10 inch LIMITED EDITION Prints

Edition of 50 Signed and Numbered by Acid Betty

PLUS a FREE RU-Dollar!  Celebrating 100th episode and 100th queen.  Acid Betty's challenge, The Money Ball.

Supplies limited. First come, first served. Get one now before some other bitch does. Only 50 prints produced! -- THE FULL COLLECTION of ALL THREE EPISODES

$30.00 $25.00


Get Yours Now!  First come, first served. Only XL available. I suggest a size smaller than your normal as they run a bit large...  See Size Chart.

$20.00 $15.00

In celebration of being a part of the 100th episode of Rupaul's Drag Race, I'm releasing this special print!!!

18x24 inch Poster

Acid Betty by theHaus of Acid

Open Edition  


Music Produced and Written by Brittany Campbell and Mathenee Treco. Mastered by Hakan Ludvigson at


Exclusively Created by

B. Ames for

Acid Betty's

Season 8 The Queens Tour


MP3 and M4A High Quality Audio File of Acid Betty's First Single, Ruthless : featuring Brittany Campbell. Also included ::  Press Release and Cover Art  



VERY Limited Quantity.  Each can signed & numbered by Acid Betty!

First release sold out in 2 hours!


Magnet 3.5 x 2 inches

Custom magnet made from sturdy 12 mil thick laminate. Only 50 produced.


🌟 Chunky 🌟

✧ Comprised of over 7 different sizes of cosmetic-grade biodegradable glitter from ultra fine to chunky

✧ Great for hair, body or face.

✧ The ultimate designer mix of unicorn fantasy glitter.

Chunky is perfect for full face coverage, hair accents, body shimmer galore and more. Share responsibly.

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Nothing added at all. Just the glorious celebration of biodegradable glamour delight deliciousness. The unique interior mechanism helps gather the product towards the inner tube, allowing for maximum even product dispersion.

It really works like magic!

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✧ Comprised of 3 different ultra fine & fine cosmetic-grade biodegradable glitter ✧ Great for face details & subtle glimmer and shine

The same amazing glitter is in our Chunky recipe along side their larger counterparts

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Handcrafted and designed. These have become my new everyday lashes!  Made by Unicorn Skin Cosmetics. Consisting of two dynamically cut pieces of cardstock paper, hand curled and glued to achieve final signature wispy effect. These lashes are full fantasy large and whispy! Want to make everyone GAG, wear a pair of our Unicorn Lashes! No two are exactly alike and finishes every look with mega-beauty-perfection!

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The Donor Circle for the Haus of Acid has a simple mission: To support the Haus of Acid in its artistic projects so that it can innovate new ways to expose diverse communities to a variety of artistic expression and mediums. The Donor Circle for the Haus of Acid is open to all donors. The Donor Circle invites you to participate by adding to our pool of community dollars through your generous donation, or even better, by joining the Circle!

Membership in the Haus of Acid Donors Circle for the Arts offers:

  • VIP exclusive invitations to all Haus of Acid events and projects
  • Listing as a participating donor and supporter
  • Increased philanthropic impact by pooling resources with other donors
  • An opportunity to celebrate your passion for the arts and meet others who share this commitment
  • Participation in the selection of Haus of Acid's future product lines and events