Who (or What) is Acid Betty?

A creative and colorful enigma, and famous for being the first and only hybrid drag queen in the world, Acid Betty is an artist, stylist, and a performer. She has brought her out-of-this-world flare to all sorts of projects and events, and continues to seek out exciting new ways to perfect her craft while collaborating with innovative artists and designers worldwide.
Acid Betty was featured on Season 5 of “Project Runway”, “An Englishman in New York” with John Hurt, served as Ringleader at Lincoln Center for New York City’s “Rock & Roll Circus”, has been showcased at the Gay Village in Italy Rome and played host of the annual “Saint at Large The Black Party Expo & Bazaar” in NYC for several years.

The Evolution of Acid:


Acid Betty is born. Bored with the traditional underground scene, Acid creates a new way to express art and convey a message using unique hair, makeup, and styling. Sometimes the message isn’t a nice one, thus Acid’s other persona, Bitter Betty, was also born.


Acid Betty continues to experiment with different colors and styles, pushing the edges of conventional makeup and challenging the rules of physics with ridiculous hair heights and shapes.


Quickly growing in fame and notoriety for her unpredictable fashion and uncanny ability to entertain a room, Acid Betty becomes a must-have for any event, hosting and performing at parties throughout New York.


Acid Betty makes her television debut on Project Runway, Season 5. Known as a top underground performer and trendsetter in New York, Acid Betty is a guest model on the show, which exposes her unique hair and makeup styling to an international audience.  Acid Betty also shoots her first major film, “An Englishman In New York” starring John Hurt and Cynthia Nixon as (Acid Betty’s friend) Penny Arcade.


The term “hybrid drag queen” becomes a top searched item on Google and its own thread in Yahoo Answers. Acid Betty is featured in an online documentary, 50 Faggots, designed to educate people about homosexuality.


Acid Betty creates the hair and styling for artists Peaches and Cazwell for their music video, “Unzip me,” and for a published introspective based on herself using professional female models. Plays Ring Leader to New York City’s first Rock ‘n Roll Circus at Lincoln Center; under the Big Apple Circus Tents.  Acid also makes her jump onto the music scene with the release of her first song, “Ruthless Lover,” and performs it worldwide.


Acid Betty manages art direction, fashion and hair styling for a vast array of clients and artists such as Xelle’s music video “Queen”. She also hosts and performs at events globally. Always delivering something new, unseen, and unconceived.


Acid Betty begins the Every 3 Seconds Project

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